All solutions provided by our team are guaranteed to be practical and suitable for real business problem-solving from the top executive down to the operation staffs Our client will receive the most extraordinary services.


Data Cafe team provides end-to-end data solutions to transform the old-style work with Al for business problems across all industries. We always work closely with our clients to create the tailored-made solutions to achieve the best practices and user experience.


Data Cafe team provides training and coaching on the end-to-end process of data analytics, coding with Python, and visual analytics with powerful visualization tools such as PowerBI or Tableau . We will work with business users and data teams to define analytics topics and turn
data into business value.

Our data analytics training course is a lively blend of expert instruction combined with exercises for the attendants to experience in defining and disassembling problems in the data analysis process. With our activities, clients can also practice to identify variables of simple predictive analytic models. Our veteran instructors teams will equip necessary skills with anyone who uses data to approach common or complex business data analysis problems through the best practices and easily accessible technologies.

Our Courses

Data Analytics

  • Essential Data Analytics
  • Analytics Canvas
  • Visual Analytics
  • Storytelling with Data
  • Machine Learning and AI for Business


  • Python Programming
  • Data Manipulation with SQL


  • Data Visualization with Power BI
  • Data Visualization with Tableau

End to end
data solution platform

Data Cafe team provides end-to-end data solutions for a wide range of fields from general business to highly specialized business. Our customized platforms are designed to not only meet all of users’ needs, but also help reduce the time users spend repeatedly working on recurring tasks. This will transform the old-style work to fully automated intelligent systems with the help of sophisticated machine learning algorithms. The systems are designed and optimized based on the know-how and the best practices provided from close collaborations with business users. Ultimately, our design philosophy is user friendly regardless of the complexity of the systems.